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Iper offers match & update of contact information and additional status and relational data to your databases of consumer and business data. The services are offered on demand, or as automated or self-served services:

Periodical match and update

Search and identification webservices

Self-served Match&Update

Campaign management,on demand services

Verification services

Ipers matching systems identifies your norwegian data in Ipers own databases “Iper Konsument” and “Iper Bedrift” (consumer and business data), and delivers updates and additional data from the same sources. You can use Iper webservices to access Iper data from your own business applications, or from Iper Portal.

Iper databases are daily updated by all public data sources in Norway.Iper services are compliant with GDPR (EU 2016/679), and we can help you with your  GDPR compliance. All businesses that store personal data have an obligation to keep correct data, and to have a protocol that ensures the same. Iper will help you with documented protocol, updates, verification and compliance to GDPR.
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You can get access to data for marketing, information or market research purposes (consumers and businesses). A lot of selection variables are available. We can use your own list for stopplists or to find twins or other prospects. If you have a question about selections or lists for rent do not hesitate to contact Iper.
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If you do not want your personal data to be used for marketing purposes, you can stop your personal data for such use by leaving a reservation in the Norwegian National Marketing Reservation Registry. The Registry is a national database containing personal data  and reservation codes for all that have opted out for TM, DM and marketing from humanitarian organizations. Businesses can not opt out like consumers.

Iper respect your opt out code given to the Norwegian National Marketing Reservation Registry or to Iper directly.  If you have received marketing information marked with source Iper Direkte AS or have any other questions about your listing in Iper databases, you can contact us at: 

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Iper Direkte AS 
Phone 21 42 02 42 
E-mail: firmapost@iper.no 
Address: Strømsveien 258, 0668 Oslo, Norway
Organizational reg.no: 993053600

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